Is A 2 Person Backpacking Tent Right For A Family Camping Trip

by | Oct 3, 2013 | Home and Garden

If you are planning to take the family camping, there is an important question that will need to be answered. That question has to do with what kind and how many family tents do you want to bring along. Do you want one large family camping tent or do you want a 2 person backpacking tent for each pair of people in the family? For example, you might want one 2 person backpacking tent for mom and dad and one larger tent for all of the kids, or you might want one tent for the boys, one for the girls and one for the parents.

Many people don’t think about this kind of question until they are actually at the camp site. The answer to the question could depend on the ages of the children. If your children are all young, you could have one tent for all the children. If you have girls that are in their teens, they will not want to change their clothes in front of their brothers so you would need a separate tent so that they can change clothes with more privacy.

You can find some larger camping tents that have a way to section off parts like they are separate rooms. This kind of tent is liked by larger families with boys, girls and adults. The only objection some of the children have is that it is like going camping and bringing a tent that looks like a house. This kind of tent is also very hard to put up so most people will not pick it. They will look for smaller tent options.

By having a few 2 person tents, the only thing that has to be decided is which 2 people will be bunking together. In families this is something that can usually be decided easily. Some families will have the 2 person tents for sleeping areas and one slightly larger tent to keep their camping supplies in and to provide a bigger place to change clothing in while only using the smaller tents to sleep in. The point of this article is just to point out that the question of how many and what kind of tents a family should have for a camping trip. By being aware of the question, the choice of tents is easier to decide on.

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