Is a New Roof in Norman Necessary?

At some time or another, all home owners need to do roof repairs, or have their roofs replaced. Replacement can be expensive, so of course, home owners want to do all they can to extend the lives of their roofs. Area weather conditions will have a lot to do with the life of any roof, and severe weather can cause a lot of damage. There are many preventative measures that can be taken to ensure that roofs have long lives. They should last for 15-20 years, as long as they are well maintained.

To avoid needing a new roof Norman, OK sooner than necessary, it is important to have any damages caused by storms repaired right away. The longer the small repairs are left undone, the worse the problems are going to get, and new roofing will be needed. Once the bad weather has passed, contact a professional roofing contractor immediately for emergency repairs.

After severe storms, in particular hail storms, roofs need to be inspected for damages. This is not something that should be attempted by anyone who does not have the proper safety gear. Just having a ladder isn’t good enough. Roofs can be slippery, and add a slope, and they are dangerous to those who don’t know what they are doing. A contractor can easily go on the roof and look for storm damage, which can include broken or cracked shingles, and damaged flashing. If this damage is not repaired, it can lead to ceiling leaks and even more damage, which will end up costing more money to repair.

The cost to repair a roof can range between $100 and $350 per square foot. Depending on the extent of the damage, it may be more economical to opt for a new roof in Norman. When there are roof issues, the best thing to do is have a contractor assess the damage. They will be able to give the home owner quotes for repairs and roof replacements, and let them know which option is best. If the roof is older and needs a lot of repairs, a replacement will likely be recommended.

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