Kitchen Design Ideas to meet your Sense of Style

by | Oct 29, 2014 | Kitchen Remodeling

When you are designing a new kitchen you want to be certain it appeals to your personal sense of style. If you have completed the decorating of your home and have left the kitchen until the end, you can look at your current design style to help you create the perfect kitchen.

Traditional Leaning

If your home is filled with traditional design details such as more ornate, carved furniture in dark woods, floral patterns or classic damasks and elegant finishes such as Persian area rugs and formal drapes, then your design style is clearly classic and elegant. Your kitchen design can easily reflect this same style by choosing deeper wood stains, elegant pulls in classic metals such as brass or bronze and high end finishes such as marble or granite counter tops. You can also look for elegant lighting such as a glass or crystal chandeliers placed above your island or eating area and beautiful hardwood flooring in the same tone as your cabinetry. White marble is also classic, ideal for floors and backsplashes in mosaics. However it does tend to be high maintenance as a counter top.

Modern Edge

If your home is more simplistic with a modern edginess and a minimal approach you will have a neutral palette, simple lines on furnishings and a “Scandinavian” feel with plenty of open space and understated design details. Finishes are more towards medium toned woods with the addition of white metal and higher textured area rugs such as shag. If this is the look of your home then a modern kitchen is the way to go. Look for high gloss finishes on cabinets in smooth white or gray and consider avoiding pulls and hardware to mar the look of your smooth cabinet doors and drawers. Look at horizontal configurations on cupboards above the sink and stove area for an edgier look. Counter tops should be free of too much texture and therefore man made counters are a must. A waterfall design will complete the look with counters carrying over and down the side of lower cabinets. Lighting is crisp and simple in metals or glass. You can also add interesting shades in moulded wood and plastics for a textured light pattern on walls.

Kitchen design is easy when you understand your own sense of style.

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