Landscape Design Clearwater

by | Jan 22, 2013 | Construction and Maintenance

If you are looking for quality landscape design in Clearwater, look no further than Powell Property Maintenance. The services provided by Powell include hardscaping and softscaping. Our landscape designers work as a part of a four step process, guaranteeing our clients with satisfying and beautiful results.

Powell Property Maintenance’s four step landscaping service involves the design, construction, installation and maintenance of all aspects of your landscape. Landscape design in Clearwater is complex – in Florida, we have our own unique climate, and Powell has specialized in providing quality, local service to the Clearwater area for 26 years. We’re not just specialists in landscaping, we’re experts in designing for Florida’s climate and soil.

You’ll find that our landscape designers in Clearwater work in collaboration with teams of trained horticulturalists, construction workers, and other landscaping professionals to provide a realistic design that uses locally sourced plants, but is adaptable enough to handle non-local or specific variety gardens that may be grown in raised beds, or even low-water landscaping designs.

In addition to the design and layout of plants, trees, and lawns on your property, our landscape design in Clearwater allows for the construction of outdoor seating areas, patios, brick or stone walkways, fountains, ponds, gazebos, and nearly anything else you can imagine. We are proud to bring these dreams to life with the help of our talented construction crews, and are also available for emergency repairs if the need should arise.

Powell Property Maintenance is a fully licensed, insured, and certified landscaping contractor and property maintenance service. We are happy to assist you in creating a beautiful and inviting outdoor space to enjoy. If you are a business, the extra attention you spend in cultivating the exterior beauty of your facilities can impress clients and win you clients. If, on the other hand, your need is residential, you’ll be amazed and surprised at the ability of a livable outdoors setting to encourage your family to spend time together and relax.

Regardless of your landscape designs in Clearwater, consider us your companions on the journey to a beautiful exterior. We are focused on providing the safe creation of a wonderful space that will quickly be recognized both for its beauty and functionality. If you aren’t sure of how to proceed, contact us at 727-565-1247 for more information, or feel free to explore our website to get to know us better.

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