Learn About Keeping Your Roofing In Franklin In Good Shape

by | Apr 2, 2014 | Roofing

When you become a home owner, you have to think about keeping your house’s roof in good shape, so it can provide your family protection from the weather. The roof isn’t just a protector for the family, it is also a protector for the walls of your home. If you find or even suspect that your roof is having problems, you want to contact a company that specializes in roofing in Franklin.

Roofing companies don’t just install new roofs when the old ones are no longer cost effective to continue making repairs. When you talk to a professional about roofing in Franklin, you will find that they believe in providing annual inspections of roofs so that any problems can be found while they are still a small problem and haven’t grown into larger and more expensive problems. When cracked or missing roof shingles are found, it is easy to repair those cracks or to replace a few shingles that high winds have blown off. If roof undermatting is exposed to the sun, it can soften and develop very small cracks that will let water get past this barrier and onto the underlying wood supports. When this happens wood rot can start developing, which will weaken those supports . If enough wood rot is found, the support will need replacing, which could mean the existing roof will need to be removed and a new roof installed. Another problem with undiscovered leaks is that the water seeping under the matting could be a breeding ground for mold and that could cause a health risk to the family living in the house.

Smart home owners get on a schedule to have their roof inspected every year. Besides cracked or missing shingles, hail damage can be found. Flashing that has come loose can also be discovered and repaired. If the home has a fireplace, the area where the chimney connects to the roof is a place where many leaks starts and a good roof inspector will find and repair those leaks before they become major problems. It is a good idea for a new home owner to do some research and find a roofing company they like and trust, so they can put their roof on an annual inspection schedule with that company. website to read more.

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