Maintaining AC in Scottsdale is Important When Temps Can Hit 100

People who live in Scottsdale, AZ rely on their air-conditioning. The temperature may never get down to freezing all year, but residents can count on day after day in the summer with sweltering, over-100 temperatures. There are few places on earth where an AC unit will be used harder and longer than in Scottsdale.

When a unit suddenly quits running, it gets noticed right away. Before placing a service call, there are a few things that can be checked. You might be able to save some money. Make sure that the thermostat is ‘on’ and the setting is on ‘cool’. If the screen is blank, replace the batteries. Make sure that the temperature setting is lower than the room temperature. The fan switch should be on ‘auto’, not ‘off’. If the switch is on ‘auto’, try changing it to ‘on’. If nothing happens, check the circuit breakers.

Replacing the filter needs to be done regularly. See if the filter is clogged; it may be causing the unit to overheat. For a ground unit, go outside and ensure that nothing is blocking the air access. If nothing is still working, it’s probably a good idea to call for repair. There are other things that could be checked, but turning the unit on and off could damage the compressor and would be much more costly than the service call. Poor maintenance is responsible for 30% of all service calls. Signing up for regular maintenance calls can save aggravation and money in the long run.

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This company was awarded Best of Chandler 2008 for Air Conditioning Service and Repair. When businesses or homeowners need help with their AC in Scottsdale, they know that Chandler Air will be there. They have such confidence in their work and the equipment that they install that they offer 10 year parts and labor warranties and financing options to their customers. Click here to find out more or to schedule a service call.