Making the Decisions for Your Entrance Matting

The entrance to your business is the first impression you will leave on the customers or clients who come to your business. You want that impression to be a good one. One of the most neglected areas of your entrance is the entrance matting you use. You shouldn’t settle for the cheapest piece of matting you can find. Instead, you will have some decisions to make to ensure you have the perfect greeting for your customers.

Surface Texture

Floor mats actually come in a wide variety of surface textures. Some of the textures are more effective at removing dirt from footwear, while others are better at absorbing water. Talking to a company that creates these floor mats can help you decide which of the surface textures will suit your business best. Some of the most common textures include ribbed and vinyl loops. Others are made from material that absorbs water for wetter climates and snowy winters.


As you choose your entrance matting, you will find there is a vast array of colors to choose from. Some companies prefer to use more neutral colors, such as black, gray or navy blue. Other companies choose to use one of the colors from their logo for their floor mats. In general, the exact color of the mats isn’t going to have a big impact on the impression you leave, unless it clashes with the rest of your décor. Choosing colors that are part of your company are the best choice.

Logo or No Logo

Another decision you will need to make is whether you want your logo printed on the mats. If you are looking for a unique way to further brand your business, adding your logo to the mats can help. However, even if you don’t include your logo on the mats, it isn’t going to have a major negative impact on your business. Adding the logo is a personal decision for your business. There is no right or wrong.

Entrance matting is critical to your business, giving a good impression to the people who come to your business and keeping your entrance looking its best at all times. When you make the choice to purchase one or several of these mats, you must make other decisions as well before you order, including what type of surface texture and material, the colors and whether you want to include your logo. In most cases, there is no wrong decision. As long as you do what is right for your business, that is all that matters.

To learn more about the decisions you need to make when ordering entrance matting, visit the Floor Mat Systems website or call 1-888-680-MATS.