Making Your Bathroom Beautiful with Marble Accessories

If you want to add style and a taste of luxury to the total effect of your home’s aesthetic quality, marble bathroom accessories are an increasingly popular and beautiful choice. Sheila Jackson discovered this after she and her husband completely remodeled all three of the bathrooms in their New Hampshire home. They chose to go with a more muted but tasteful darker theme that fit well with their subdued professorial personalities (both are college teachers in the Humanities). Marble bathroom accessories are natural products that fit the bathroom patterns and materials they chose perfectly, including a stone floor and marble tiles on the walls.

“I chose a few tasteful items,” said Sheila, in reference to her use of marble bathroom accessories to beautify the space where both she and her husband exchange morning greetings while preparing for the day, a place of privacy and comfort. “I didn’t really want to overdo it by going overboard and just cluttering up the space with too much marble — which I guess is possible. But I did select a few well-chosen items that match the overall décor of the bathrooms, including our towels and floor rugs. I am very happy with the result. It seems to bring everything in our bathrooms together in a cohesive kind of unity that resembles a well-structured plot in a nineteenth century novel. I love it.”

Marble bathroom accessories not only add natural style and beauty to your everyday living space, but durable, long lasting, and timeless. Marble bathroom accessories may include a variety of beautiful products to enhance the quality of the room while being functional, as well, such as wastepaper baskets, toilet roll holders, magazine organizers, toothbrush holders, a wide variety of soap dishes, tumblers to hold toothbrushes or miscellaneous items, soap dispensers, trays, and other products.

“After remodeling the bathrooms, I thought it was great she could find stuff that matched the basic kind of theme that we were looking for,” said Sheila’s husband, a continental philosophy professor. “It just adds a whole new kind of quality to life. We can start out the day appreciating small symbolic structures made of the natural products of the earth in the miniscule, everyday things that we do in order to stay healthy and prolong our lives. The fact that I can stand on natural stone and replace my toothbrush in a container made of marble, a product not ultimately manufactured by human ingenuity, just kind of reconnects me with the past and my place in the general stream of existence. I think it was a great choice.”