Mice Treatment in Maui can Remove Rodents for Good

As the colder weather approaches, rodents will search for a sheltered place to stay warm. Unfortunately, that often means they may move into nearby homes. Once inside, rodents will quickly build nests and begin the process of searching for food. If rats or mice have moved in, it may be time for mice treatment Maui to safely remove the problem critters.

Gaining Entry

Rats and mice love to find warm areas to build their nests. Since rodents can fit through a dime-size opening, they often enter a home without ever being noticed. Once inside, they will quickly search for a secluded area in an attic or wall space to build their nests and start families. Rodents carry many diseases that can be transmitted to humans and cause respiratory problems in people with compromised immune systems, so it’s important to remove them as quickly as possible.

Property Destruction

Rodents are nocturnal pests, which means an individual may not be aware of their presence until the scurrying sound of little feet or chewing sounds can be heard at night. Since rodents love to gnaw on everything in sight, they can be quite destructive little pests in a relatively short amount of time. Rats and mice love to chew on wiring, which may cause a fire to occur without warning. They will also chew on insulation, PVC pipes, and pretty much anything else they come into contact with.

Food Source

Once rodents make their way inside, they will look for a food source to feed their families. The kitchen pantry often becomes their favorite spot to hang out. Telltale signs of rodent presence are rodent dropping and holes in boxed items such as crackers and baked goods. Any food items that have been gnawed on by rodents should be destroyed and not consumed to avoid becoming ill.

Rodents are not just a nuisance, they are also a health hazard. It’s crucial to seek mice treatment Maui to ensure all of them are removed from the premises as quickly as possible. Once rodents have been removed from a home, any openings where they can gain entry again should be sealed.