Money Saving Options With Kitchen Cabinets in Lancaster, PA

by | May 23, 2019 | Kitchen

Changing just one element in your kitchen can give it a facelift that you have been looking for. Change the cabinet look for a dramatic change with kitchen cabinets in Lancaster, PA. This change doesn’t need to be heavy on your wallet. Let us look at the cost of the cabinets and some of the less expensive options.

Replace or Reface – Kitchen Cabinets, Lancaster, PA

You can get a new look with replacing and refacing your kitchen cabinets. The main consideration should be the status of your existing cabinets. If they are durable, strong and functional, then refacing might be a better option. Refacing requires three steps – choosing to paint or stain, removing the old finish and applying a gloss and top coat. Painting requires lesser effort than staining. Refacing costs can vary from $3k to $10k depending upon the size of refacing and the material used for refacing.

If replacing is the option you are going with, make sure to reap from this long term investment by enjoying your kitchen for a longer time. The cost of replacing cabinets in your kitchen can vary from $10k to $25k and more if you select expensive options.

Pricing options – Kitchen Cabinets in Lancaster, PA

Following choices determine how much you pay for the new cabinets:

* Floor Plan: The cost goes higher as numbers of cabinets go up. Two 24” inches cabinets cost more than one 48” inch cabinet.

* Door Style: Flat or veneer styles cost less than solid wood style. Type of the wood, grains and complexity also add to the cost variation.

* Finish: Glazes, distressing and any custom application that is hand finished will cost more.

* Type of cabinets: Whether you are getting a stock, semi-stock or custom cabinet will determine the cost. Custom cabinets are more expensive as they are built to order.

* Material choice: Wood, glass or bamboo will cost more than melamine, MDF or laminate.

If you have a tight budget, focus on the functional and convenient items. Work savers include a lazy Susan, a pull down soap and sponge holder and deep drawers for pots. Glazing can add extra 10-20% and then you need to add the cost for installation.

Maintain your kitchen cabinets in Lancaster, PA

Kitchen cabinets are big investment. Once made, you have to make sure that they are maintained regularly.

* Clean them frequently with a lint-free cloth.

* Cabinets above the cooking stove get greasier and need more attention.

* Use a mild wood-safe cleaner, wait for few seconds for it to penetrate the grease and then wipe off.

* Clean spills immediately with soap and water. Dry immediately.

* Annual thorough washing is recommended. Clean the surfaces inside out and dry them completely.

* Polish the outside with a furniture polish.

* If there are scratches on the cabinets, use a touch-up kit. Use the marker on light scratches.

Get the best return for your investment. Choose wisely when shopping for kitchen cabinets in Lancaster, PA. For more information go to website.

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