Nassau County, NY Bed Bug Removal: Myths About Bed Bugs Revealed

Bed bugs were considered to be just about extinct at one time. People had even come to the point where it was just a nursery rhyme for children. Though bed bugs were really prevalent in past centuries, they were thought to have been eradicated as the years went by. There was no need to call in Nassau County NY Bed Bug Removal professionals to get rid of the bed bugs in your home, because they weren’t really around that often.

In recent years however, bed bugs have been on the rise and people are having to call in the Nassau County NY Bed Bug Removal professionals on a regular basis again. However, there are some myths about bed bugs that need to be dispelled before you go any further.

Bed Bugs Only Bite at Night

One huge myth concerning bed bugs is that they only bite at night. This is very far from the truth. For example, if you go out of town for a month and come back home around 3am, the bed bugs are not going to wait until the sun falls to start biting you. If you sit on your couch at 4pm, you can be sure that they will start feeding, just as if they would if you sat on your couch at midnight.

Bed Bugs Only Live in Nasty Homes

One very common myth is that bed bugs only live in homes that are extremely filthy. This myth is also untrue, as even five star hotels have become infested with bed bugs more than once and they are very clean at all times. You can have a home that is clean enough to eat off the floors and still get bed bugs. You will need to clean up all clutter in your home in order to get rid of bed bugs however, so make sure that you treat everything with care.

These are just a couple of myths that need to be dispelled about bed bugs. If you suspect that you have a bed bug infestation, you need to call in the professionals right away to help you solve the problem. Click Here for more details.

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