Options to Discuss With Your Roofer in Naperville, IL

Many homeowners, when they sit down with a Roofer in Naperville IL, fail to address all roofing options, focusing only on the aesthetics of the roof. For example, many fail to factor in product cost, the weight of the material when installed on the home, and the installation requirements. All have an impact on which roof one should choose. Therefore, all options need to be discussed.

As you go to select a roof, determine which types of materials may be used. For example, tile and slate cannot be used on certain homes, simply because the existing roof structure cannot handle the added weight of these materials. Wood may not be used in certain areas due to local fire codes, and a metal roof, depending on the type of metal selected, may be cost prohibitive. All materials should be examined when choosing a new roof for the home, yet other variables need to be taken into account when making this decision.

Cost is another element to consider when replacing a roof. Many homeowners look at the cost of materials only, yet other variables come into play when determining how much the job will cost. If the supporting roof structure must be repaired, the cost of the new roof goes up. The shape of the roof also plays a role in how much you will pay. If you don’t have any dormers, chimneys, or other features, you will pay less than a homeowner where the roofer must work around skylights, turrets, valleys, and other architectural elements. Keep this in mind when speaking to roofers.

Installation requirements also play a role in your choice of roofing. Most homes need flashing in those areas where two materials meet to make the area watertight. Building felt may be needed as well as other materials. Make sure your roofer explains what is needed for your roof, and why, so you understand what you are getting and what you are paying for.

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