Plans for Heater Maintenance in Ormond Beach, FL

by | Oct 24, 2018 | Heating & Air conditioning

Preventative Heater Maintenance in Ormond Beach FL is the most cost-effective course of action homeowners can take to prolong the life of their systems and save a significant amount of money. A premium maintenance plan will cost less money in a year than one major repair will cost at any given time. Experienced companies will offer a variety of plans to accommodate needs, budgets, and habits.

Plan Details

Details for each plan will reflect levels of protection in heater maintenance in Ormond Beach FL. One company, for example, offers three plans indicated by silver, gold, and platinum. All plans contain the features of the base level plan, which is silver. From there, gold and platinum plans include extra features to varying degrees.

The silver plan includes two twenty-point inspections per year, reminder service, a test of the refrigerant, cleaning of the drain, and cleaning or replacing a standard filter. Other features are priority status, repair warranty, no overtime charges, and a five-percent discount on parts. The gold plan features a ten-percent parts discount and a one-year protection against inflation, among others. The platinum plan offers a fifteen-percent parts discount, a two-year inflation protection, and features not found in the other two plans.

Savings Extends Past Repairs

In addition to saving money on major repairs, homeowners also save money on operating costs for the heater. A clean and efficient heating system will cost less to operate than one that is struggling to meet the temperature demands. A clogged filter, a small leak in a connection, or a worn-out heat pump will cause utility bills to spike quickly.

The Value of Reminder Service

Most people do not intentionally neglect their heating systems. Schedules are hectic, and few people give heating and cooling systems a second thought until there is a problem. It is then that homeowners try to remember when the last time the heater was serviced or inspected.

Once a maintenance agreement is signed, the customer is placed in the plan database and the burden of remembering is eliminated. The company computer will alert the scheduler of services required and the company will call you to arrange an appointment. To learn more benefits of a maintenance plan, visit us online or stop by the physical location.

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