Pros And Cons Of A Metal Roof In Naples FL

by | May 7, 2013 | Roofing

If you plan on staying in your house for awhile and like the benefits of a metal roof, then this may be a good option for your roof choice. There are drawbacks to having a Metal Roof Naples FL and expense is a big one. A metal roof is not for every one because of the look, the price and the noise, but it does have its good qualities as far as durability and protection against weather damage.

The benefits of installing a Metal Roof Naples FL is that it will most likely last as long as the house itself. If it is constructed and installed properly you will have at least 40 to 50 years without having to worry about upgrades, maintenance or replacement. Having a metal roof is very low maintenance as opposed to a shingle roof on most homes.

A second benefit from a metal roof is that it is incredibly lightweight. Per square inch, a metal roof will be between 50 and 150 pounds per square foot. When you compare that to a other popular roofing materials you are looking at a total weight difference between 500 to 800 pounds easily. Imagine the absorption on the foundation of the home when you have that much material on your roof.

Lastly, a metal roof is fire retardant and the metal material reflects heat from the sun thus decreasing the energy costs for heating and cooling. When installed correctly with a minimum roof pitch of anywhere between 3 to 12 inches, your roof is practically leak proof as well.

There are a number of drawbacks however, to owning a metal roof on your home. The first drawback is that it is incredibly expensive material to work with. The price between a Metal Roof Naples FL and a typical shingle roof style is at least double. The look has an eclectic style and not everyone will appreciate it and lastly, it can sound like you are living in a drum under the simplest of rain storms. Some people appreciate the rustic sound and the rustic look, but for resale value it can certainly have its drawbacks.

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