Put Cork on It … For Comfort and Style

by | Dec 27, 2011 | Home Improvement Tips

If it has been a while since you’ve replaced the flooring in your home, you may be surprised at all of the options that are now available. In the past, your choices were limited to carpet, tile and linoleum. Today, you can choose between natural and synthetic materials with various textures and colors. One of the most interesting, durable, stylish, and comfortable flooring materials in the industry today is cork. Cork floorsare made from the same bark that is used in bulletin boards and wine stoppers, and they offer incredible benefits for your home.


Environmentally friendly

Cork is truly one of the most environmentally friendly flooring products available. Unlike other woods that require massive deforestation, cork is harvested by trimming back the bark of the cork tree. In other words, trees are not cut down and no harm is done to the tree or the forest. Additionally, cork flooring is almost always a recycled product, manufactured from the waste of the cork stopper industry. Finally, cork flooring utilizes natural, water-based, solvent-free dyes to add pigment to the cork. You simply cannot find a more eco-friendly flooring product on the market today.


Cork flooring is recommended for allergy sufferers because it is naturally hypo-allergenic and contains a substance known as suberin, which is mold, mildew, and pest-resistant. As an added plus, suberin makes the cork fire retardant, increasing its value as a flooring material.

Stylish and Practical

Although the environmental and health benefits of cork are appealing, the bottom line is that homeowners want whatever flooring they choose to look and feel good. Fortunately, cork flooring is a excellent choice because it offers both durability and comfort. It is also highly elastic, extremely comfortable to stand and walk on, and it is naturally a non-slip surface. Cork flooring provides both heat and acoustic insulation and comes in a wide selection of colors, from wood tones to bold colors. And it does all of this while giving your floor an exquisite, textured look.

As you can see, there are numerous advantages to using cork flooring in your home. It is just the material you need to renovate your home with both pizzazz and practicality.

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