Questions to Ask Roofers in Nashville

by | Jun 23, 2012 | Roofing

The roof that is put on your building keeps rain, snow, sleet and wind out. Without an accurately installed roof you will end up having to deal with Mother Nature inside your home. That defeats the whole point of having a roof. That is why when looking at roofers in Nashville; you want to ask yourself the following questions.

Can you talk with their references?

Roofers in Nashville that have a good record will be willing to give you references. Those references should be able to talk to you and show you the work the roofers did for them. When any company is not willing to share references, stay away. That is a sure sign their business is not top notch. The references you contact will most likely tell you about any issues or conflicts they had with the roofers.

Do they offer free estimates?

Free estimates are there so you can compare them to other businesses. Not only do you want a free estimate, you want to see what they include in their pricing. Look at the fine print of their estimates and be sure that you feel comfortable with what they have included. Do not trust roofers in Nashville that you do not feel comfortable with.

There is a lot of issues with professionalism in any market so do not let it steer you off course. Keep looking until you find a roofer that you feel comfortable with and that offers free estimates. Try not to jump at the cheapest quote either, some people will under quote you just to get your business and then overcharge. That is another way bad business is done so pay close attention to everything as you proceed.

Are they an accredited business?

Any roofers that are part of the BBB (Better Business Bureau) are usually better to deal with. There is no guarantee but with the BBB involved, you have a better chance of good work. As an accredited business, they are required to follow specific ethics and the BBB is there to protect you. Do not forget, if they are a member of the BBB and break any rules or are unethical, you can report them.

Find a roofer that meets your standards, offers a good price and has the reputation to uphold. Roofers in Nashville will work hard to earn your business. H. E. Parmer Company has been the place to go for roofers in Nashville, for over 120 years. Visit them website

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