Remodel Your Kitchen in Concord ON With Custom Cabinet Doors

Surprisingly, custom kitchen cabinet doors can be an affordable way to remodel your kitchen. Simply replacing the doors is much less costly and labor-intensive than replacing the cabinets. MDF and slab doors not only look good, but they’re also less expensive than comparable hardwood doors.

MDF is a sturdy, manufactured wood product with an exceptionally smooth surface perfect for creating white shaker cabinets. Custom kitchen cabinet doors made of MDF can be finished in nearly any color you desire. MDF cabinet doors are typically made in both flat and raised panel styles.

Slab-style doors are made of PET, polyethylene terephthalate, a common plastic. However, slab doors have a single, flat panel. This smooth, flat surface first became popular in Europe. Slab-style kitchen cabinet doors can be painted like paneled doors, or surfaced with either matte, glossy, or wood grain melamine.

MDF is also sustainable since it can be made from wood waste that’s been finely chipped. The wood chips are then bound with a resin under high pressure. This creates a very strong, smooth, and moisture-resistant wood product.

The PET used in slab doors can also be made from recycled water bottles, which are made from polyethylene terephthalate plastic. Both MDF and PET kitchen cabinet doors are sustainable and affordable options to costly hardwoods. They are both great options for giving your kitchen a fresh, modern look on a budget.

Check out Lovech Ltd in Concord, ON for a selection of beautiful, quality MDF and PET slab cabinet doors.