Replacing Your Door and Windows in Atlanta

by | Jun 27, 2013 | Home and Garden

If you are looking for a way to make the entrance to your home a stand out, consider replacing the Doors and Windows Atlanta. For an existing home that could use a bit more curb appeal, there are few things that grab the attention more than brand new windows and doors. Aesthetics are not the only reason for this type of replacement, though.

For many people, the impetus for replacing their doors, windows or both in their Atlanta home is for the energy efficiency. Many people are aware that drafty doors and windows are one of the most common reasons for their high energy bills. Unfortunately, this occurrence is probably unavoidable no matter how well the house is. This is due to the natural settling of the home as it ages. The earth beneath the foundation shifts over the years and this results in the windows and doors not being as plumb as they used to be.

In addition, modern technology has made today’s Doors and Windows Atlanta very energy efficient. With such features as the ability to raise and lower both panes of glass in a window in order to make cleaning easier, many of these windows feature safe and non toxic gas in between the double panes of glass. This gas serves as a barrier in between the window itself and the elements outside.

Because much of the heat or cooling effects of the home are lost through the window, this gas that is piped into the window in between the two panes of glass resists extreme changes in temperature. This makes the room stay the temperature it is meant to be so that the furnace, air conditioning unit or heat pump does not cycle on as much.

Choosing specialty doors for the entrance way can make the effect dramatic. French doors, for example, add an elegant air to the entire front of the home. They can turn a modest ranch home into a classy and elegant home that oozes curb appeal. In addition, these types of doors let even more sun into the room so that it is brighter.

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