Save Money on AC Repairs Saraland AL Homeowners Can Prevent With a Maintenance Package

The worries that your air conditioner may stop running in the middle of the summer can be alleviated when you purchase a maintenance package from your heating, ventilation and air conditioning contractor. Purchasing your contractor’s maintenance package not only ensures that you will get your annual preventive maintenance tuneup, it provides a lot of extra services that you may not know you need.

For example, by enrolling in the maintenance program, you will get a free energy audit. This audit will provide you with valuable information about how you can improve the energy-efficiency of your home and save money on your monthly energy bill. With better energy-efficiency, your appliances will not have to work as hard to heat and cool your home so they may last longer than they would in a less efficient home. If the audit shows that you need AC repairs Saraland AL HVAC technicians can perform the repairs so you won’t waste your money on poor air conditioning efficiency.

With regular maintence, when homeowners need AC Repairs Saraland AL contractors are usually able to easily detect the problem. Preventive maintenance is included in a maintenance package and it covers a tuneup for the air conditioning system in the spring and one for the heating system in the fall. These tuneups restore a lot of the efficiency that was lost over the prior year with cleaning and lubrication.
If, during the routine maintenance check, the technician needs to make AC Repairs Saraland AL homeowners can be sure that their service will be done professionally. Air conditioning systems that receive regular, preventive maintenance are cleaner and have longer life spans than those that don’t get serviced at least once a year. With a cleaner unit, it is easier for the technician to detect problems and repair them promptly.

Whether you need routine maintenace or AC repairs Saraland AL HVAC technicians can get and keep your air conditioner working well throughout the cooling season. With a preventive maintenance contract, you will get an air conditioning tuneup every year, complete with coil cleaning, pressures check, lubrication and a blower inspection.