Secrets to Finding the Best Roofers in Seattle

by | Nov 26, 2014 | Roofing

On average, the Seattle metropolitan area features nearly 150 rainy days per year, which breaks down to nearly 37 inches of rainfall. While this isn’t the rainiest city in the continental United States, that honor goes to Mobile, Alabama with an annual rainfall average of 67 inches, the unique weather conditions in Seattle demand equally unique roofing designs. Residential and commercial buildings must withstand not only near-constant rainfall, but also other elements, such as wind and snow. While the best roofing design and construction depends on the building structure and location in the Seattle/Tacoma area, the best roofing professionals are those that meet the following criteria.

The best Roofers Seattle understand the importance of getting a roof dried-in as quickly as possible. This is especially vital in Seattle due to its damp environment. Drying-in a roof literally means keeping the roof dry by wrapping it in a layer of waterproof material, such as felt. While this act may only be done after the framing/nailing inspection is completed, the best contractors actively streamline this process to provide a dry environment for the actual roof construction.

Due to the damp conditions building exteriors are faced with on an almost daily basis, roofing materials must withstand these drenching conditions. The best Roofers Seattle understand these requirements. While there are many “chain” roofing companies available in Seattle, it’s best to go with a locally owned contractor, such as Website Domain. By dealing locally, roofing materials are chosen based upon its ability to provide constant protection from Seattle’s harsh elements. Dealing locally not only promotes consistent and quality communication, but also instant maintenance and repairs after a storm. While Seattle is known for relatively calm weather, in the event roofing materials are damaged due to storms or some other disaster, a local roofing company may inspect and repair the roof much faster than an out-of-town chain.

Because the typical property owner buys only one new roof throughout their property ownership lifetime, most are unaware of roofing requirements. Therefore, a good roofing company provides detailed information to assist in educating buyers. Keep in mind, when it comes to purchasing a new roof, price does matter. Cheap roofing bids may seem tempting, but in the realm of roofing, buyers get what they pay for. It’s best to deal with an established roofing contractor regardless of their rate. Click here for more details.

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