Securing Your Curtains and Making Them Work Better

by | May 22, 2014 | Home Decor Products

The finest hospital curtain is of little use without an easy and reliable track. Cube Care is proud to offer a cubicle track featuring various functionality and styles, and promises to get exactly what you need, even if we don’t already have it.

No two hospitals or health care facilities are exactly the same. Of course, within each facility, you also need a range of tools and features. Cube Care specializes in the custom, turn-key solutions that make your organization function more easily, and with less burden to your staff and budget. To complement our high quality curtains, drapes and cart covers, we provide top notch tracks of various sizes and systems.

If you’re just getting started, and not really certain what kind of track you need, no problem. Our experienced and friendly staff will walk you through the process, and take into consideration the various factors of budget, volume, décor and other specifications. We are dedicated to equipping your facility with the right track, as well as getting it installed correctly. From heavy duty and suspended tracks, to those that need no ladder for upkeep, we’ve got the answer.

A cubicle Curtain track at Cube Care can be straight, curved, against the ceiling or hung beneath it. Beyond that, it may be designed according to the particular needs of your patients, with provisions for psychiatric facilities and rooms that must be very quiet. Ultimately, we want to help you help your patients heal, and believe that the tracks and curtains play an important role. While they aren’t a direct aspect of health care, these features contribute greatly to the environment of your hospital, and we take pride in ensuring their effectiveness. Cubicle tracks might be one of the last things your patients and their friends and family notice, and that’s just the way want it.

While cubicle tracks are essential to completing health care facilities, the curtains themselves are also essential. Cube Care offers a vast array of products, with options for large and small areas, fire retardant and snag proof materials and countless options for colors and patterns. Think of how much both your staff and patients will enjoy a freshened look, or an update that requires nothing more than snapping a new panel onto your mesh. Set your facility apart from the rest with the subtle yet vibrant style that lets patients feel at home. Take some time to look through the textile gallery to find the curtain fabric that’s just right for you.

At Cube Care, we control every aspect of cubicle track and curtain production. You can be assured of the quality and customized nature of what we install, and that it will serve you well for years to come. To lean more, never hesitate to contact us, and speak with one of our friendly employees.

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