Services for Fireplace Mantel Replacement in Silver Spring

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Having a fireplace can be a beautiful thing. However, it does need to be maintained and cleaned in order to be safe and efficient. You need to hire a good, reputable contractor that deals in chimney and fireplace cleaning, maintenance, repairs, and replacements to ensure your home’s comfort, safety, and efficiency. Fireplace Mantel Replacement in Silver Spring contractors have the knowledge, equipment, experience, and expertise to handle all your fireplace and chimney services. The following will cover the services you can expect from these professionals.

Chimney Cleaning

Did you know it is crucial to have your chimney cleaned out once a year? Creosote is a substance that accumulates inside your chimney. This substance can result in a fire that can destroy your home. Creosote and soot deposits need to be cleaned out to prevent chimney fires. The flue will be cleaned as well to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning issues. A clean chimney is a safer chimney and aids in better indoor air quality.

Safety Inspections

Your local chimney sweep contractor can also inspect your chimney to make sure it is safe to use. They check for obstructions, deposits, and damage that can make a chimney unsafe to use.

Chimney Rebuilding

You can expect good contractors to have what it takes to rebuild your chimney. Whether you need a partial or full rebuild for your chimney, hiring the right contractor means proper tearing down, disposal, and reconstruction of your chimney.

Mantel Replacement

The mantel of the fireplace can be a decorative element and can be a shelf area or a full surround area for your fireplace. It can be stone, wood, or metal, but wood and stone are the most popular. Reliable and experienced Fireplace Mantel Replacement in Silver Spring, Maryland can help replace an old, worn out or damaged fireplace mantel. Even if you just want to upgrade or make a change in your mantel style and design, you need to hire the right professionals for the job.

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