Should You Try to Repair Your Home’s Siding Alone?

The DIY spirit is something that many modern homeowners have. Watching the home repair and renovation shows on television today can make anyone feel like a contractor. However, most people are not prepared for how big some home improvement jobs can be.

Replacing or repairing siding on your home is one such job. While DIY siding is possible, it is not something the average person should probably attempt.

Before you try your hand at siding repair in Caledonia, IL, consider these things:

What Type of Siding Do You Have?

Some types of siding are easier to replace and repair than others. Vinyl siding may be replaced in small sections rather than repaired, whereas fiber cement siding is more resilient and lends itself well to repairs.

What Kind of Damage Are You Repairing?

Common problems like bubbling or blistering of the siding’s surface are usually easy to fix. Other issues might indicate a more serious issue, though, and these require professional intervention. A good example of this is damage to wood siding, such as dry rot. This should always be promptly and professionally addressed to ensure safety and structural integrity.

How Large an Area Are You Repairing?

For small sections of siding, a DIY approach may be fine. This is especially true if the siding you are replacing is a color, style, and size that makes blending newer sections with older ones simple. However, if any of these factors are working against you – or you are replacing a lot of siding – it may be a better idea to get the work professionally done.

If in doubt, call a professional contractor like Benchmark Exteriors for siding repair in Caledonia, IL. Remember, you might save some money by doing your own home repairs, but you stand to spend a lot more on repeated attempts at fixing a problem you create during the process. The extra you spend on professional contractors may not turn out to be much more than you would spend trying to do your own repairs – and you are guaranteed good results!

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