Simple Maintenance Tips for Garage Door Openers in Loveland, Colorado

Having a garage door opener installed is a worthy investment. However, maintaining this investment is an important factor many overlook. A garage door opener in Loveland, Colorado especially needs maintenance due to its temperate climate. While it may not be on an everyday to-do list there some simple things that should be done once a year to keep the door moving smoothly.

Weather stripping for Garage Door Openers in Loveland, Colorado

Firstly, check all weather stripping on sides of doors. If its beginning to jam against the sides adjust or replace as necessary. If the damage is minor or showing in isolated areas the weather stripping can be cut out and replaced with new rubber weather stripping. However, if the damage is progressively worsening, its far more cost effective to replace the entire stripping at once. Ensuring the garage door is sealed correctly with quality rubber stripping, this will provide smooth movement. Alternatively if the garage door is made of wood and doesn’t contain bottom weather stripping ensure it has been sealed. Having a garage door that is properly sealed will help with heating costs, especially in colder places like Loveland, Colorado.

Proper Lubricant Techniques for Garage Door Openers in Loveland, Colorado

Garage door openers in Loveland, Colorado often require more frequent maintenance. If the door begins to stick be sure to apply lubricant for the full length of the opener. Ensuring the garage door opener is properly lubricated is essential for chain or drive screw openers. Wipe everything down and apply a light lubricant oil to all necessary parts. Apply WD-40 on all rollers, tracks, hinges and latches. If the torsion spring becomes rusty and moves slowly apply a bit of oil there as well. This will ensure the garage door moves smoothly.

Removing Rust on Garage Door Openers in Loveland, Colorado

If any of the rollers or hinges seem to stick soak them in a bit of kerosene. Once soaked scrub with an old toothbrush to work the kerosene into all the little nooks and crannies. This will remove any rust build-up which frequently occurs in temperate climates with cold winters. Once done apply a light oil or lubricant. Keeping the garage door opener rust free will ensure it remains part of the house for years to come.

Ideal Weather for Garage Door Maintenance in Loveland, Colorado

It’s important to note that garage maintenance is best performed in mild weather. Summertime obviously the best option, however if weather is permitting spring or fall may also be good choices. It is also advisable to ensure the garage has ventilation. Not only can heat from the summer months cause humid conditions, the heat can also cause dangerous conditions for combustible materials kept in the garage. Likewise the warm conditions are ideal for washing and painting the garage door and keeping the garage door opener properly lubricated. During cold, wet winters often experienced in Loveland, Colorado it’s easy for dirt and salt to pile up and result in rust. For aesthetic purposes it’s also advisable to gently cleanse the garage windows with dish soap and water.

A garage door opener increases property value, adds curb appeal and provides storage of both cars and treasured items. While, a garage door opener typically has a lifespan of twelve years. However, keeping up on garage door maintenance will ensure it’s long life. By applying proper paint, lubricant and keeping all areas clean will ensure that it is free of dirt, rust, oil and mildew. With a bit of love, TLC and proper care a garage door opener in Loveland, Colorado will last years if not decades. Visit the website for more information.