The advantages of a granite countertop

by | Jun 3, 2014 | Home and Garden

Granite kitchen counters will provide you with the highest quality stone countertop available. Granite, which is formed from hot magma is one of the hardest natural materials, the only material harder is diamond. As a matter of fact the only material that can cut and polish granite is diamonds.

Granite counters are tough, they are very difficult to scratch or mar. Granite will not blister or crack if they are subjected to hot pans being placed directly on them with no further protection. Granite kitchen counters in Florida are stain resistant, they will not support the growth of bacteria and they are waterproof. When the counter has been ground to perfection the surface is ideal for rolling pastry on, the counter can be cleaned quickly with nothing more than soap and water. With all these benefits they are also cost effective because, as they may be expensive to purchase and install, they add a great deal to the value of your house.

Of all the stone countertops that are available, granite is the most expensive. It is necessary for the homeowner to purchase the entire countertop all at the same time because granite has very distinctive and unique patterns and these can never be duplicated so the entire countertop must be cut from one block of granite which comes from the same quarry. Granite is a very heavy material and the manufacturer of the cabinets must be made aware of the fact that granite will be used so that the cabinets can be reinforced to take the weight.

Although a solid granite countertop is ideal, because of the cost there are granite tiles available which are thinner and lighter than a whole slab. These tiles are used extensively for home renovation projects as they can be installed the same way as any ceramic tile. Granite tiles have many of the advantages of a solid top as the tiles are also durable, stain resistant, etc. Granite tiles are about one third the cost of a solid slab and the cost of installation is also less.

Once you have taken the step and had solid granite kitchen counters in Florida installed you will be able to admire and enjoy the timeless beauty of this natural material. Granite is mined throughout the world; every quarry mines granite which has different patterns which are only found it the area.

Granite kitchen counters in Florida are the perfect surfaces to enhance your new kitchen. When coupled with custom cabinets from Genesis Cabinetry you will have a kitchen of timeless beauty as well as durability.

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