The Benefits and Basics of Duct Cleaning in Silver Spring

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Many home owners in Silver Spring cannot remember the last time they had their indoor air systems attended by duct cleaning. Duct cleaning in Silver Spring is one of those tasks that you can easily forget or overlook, however duct cleaning is important to any homeowner. By cleaning ducts you will not only save on energy bills you may have some health benefits as well. Duct cleaning can be very helpful in improving your heating and cooling system efficiency. Up to 30% of energy is lost in leaky and clogged ducts, which may increase your bills. Secondly duct cleaning is important as it improves the quality of air in your house. Professional duct cleaning can be beneficial in removing dusts and other irritants in giving your home better air quality and less allergen.

Duct Cleaning Procedure

When it comes to duct cleaning, hiring a professional cleaner would be the best option. First the equipment used and method of duct cleaning would depend on the assessment done by the cleaners. Duct cleaning in Silver Spring is majorly done through two main methods. The first method majorly applies the use of suction on the ducting to effect cleaning. High pressure hoses are usually attached to the ducts and then passed through the interior to suck out any dirt and dust that may be within the system. The debris is usually collected outside the house. The second system uses a vacuum with a cleaning system attached to it, this cleaning system is inserted into the ducts and the cleaning system scours the grit from the interior of the walls while the vacuum provides suction that rids the interior of the loosened dirt.

Both these cleaning procedures are quite effective especially when handled by trained personnel. During cleaning the cleaners may introduce biocides, water sealants and mold preventative agents to keep your ducts fungus and microbes free. Duct cleaning in Silver Spring should take into account all parts of the HVAC units. It does not only entail the interiors but also the exteriors. Part of the cleaning or assessment prior to cleaning may entail removing of vent covers and sampling of debris from the ducts. This is important as it gives a more in depth look at the contents of your ducts and what is the best approach for duct cleaning.

Time taken in duct cleaning will be dependent on the size of and number of HVAC units present and their location. Homes with more than one ventilation system may take a longer to clean. Similarly, homes with HVAC units on the roof are more time consuming when cleaning. Duct cleaning is very important in giving your house ventilation system durability. Cleaning your ducts once every three years will go a long way in improving the durability of your HVAC units.

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