The Benefits of Timber Frame Houses Georgia

If you’re a resident of the state of Georgia, and you’re considering building your own home, you may want to consider a particular type of construction that many other people are using when it comes to building a quality new home. What is becoming quite the rage in the building industry is Timber Frame Houses in Georgia. The question that most people have is regarding the benefits of a timber frame as opposed to standard home construction.

The first thing that you need to understand about Timber Frame Houses Georgia is that timber frame homes are actually stronger than platform homes, which is the industry standard. Not only are they stronger and more stable, but they use less wood than platform construction does. In addition, if you have more environmental sensibilities and you’re looking for a home to be more eco-friendly, timber frame homes can also incorporate the use of recycled wood more efficiently then platform construction can.

When it comes to insects and rot, platform construction will be at a great disadvantage. These types of homes and their vast amounts of wood are often susceptible to insects such as termites and rot that comes from excess moisture and humidity. When you talk about weather in Georgia, heat and humidity are staple marks of the spring and summer months.

However, with a timber frame home, these homes are much less susceptible to rot and insects. In cases where timber frames are constructed out of specific woods such as Eastern Hemlock, these woods are entirely resistant to rot and insects. This gives you the peace of mind knowing that your timber frame constructed home is not going to suffer the same fate as most platform constructed homes.

Regardless of whether you’re looking to have a home that is better for the environment, stronger than platform construction and less susceptible to problems such as rot and insects, there’s no question that timber framed houses Georgia are your best option. Fortunately, there are many builders that specialize in this type of construction method. So, if you’re interested in having this type of hone built, it’s simply a matter of finding a builder and settling on the plans for your new timber frame home.