The Pros and Cons of Hardie Board Siding in NJ

Hardie board siding in NJ has been available for many years and it has a reputation as being one of the most reliable types of siding. As many other materials have been introduced over time, Hardie board siding in NJ still remains a first choice for many commercial and residential property owners. This long-lasting material is a big trend because it is aesthetically pleasing and is relatively affordable. However, it is a good idea to focus on the pros and cons of Hardie board siding in NJ before you make a purchase.

The Pros

There are so many reasons to get Hardie board siding in NJ and one of the main pros of this type of siding is its appearance. You can mimic other styles and textures when you get this siding and the color options are unlimited, so you can really match it to the color of your home. This siding is also long-lasting and most will come with warranty so that even if something does happen to the material, you will be covered financially. Hardie board siding is resistant to insects and will be particularly useful for people who live in a corrosive environment, such as next to the ocean. Other pros of this siding are that it is fire-resistant, storm-resistant and good value for money.

The Cons

Just like any other type of siding, there are a few cons associated with Hardie board siding in NJ. Despite this, they should not prevent you from selecting a product like this, because the cons are insignificant when compared to the pros. Hardie board siding can be quite expensive to install, but if you get a free estimate from an installation company beforehand, you can prepare for the financial side of things. Something else that may be considered a con is the maintenance. It is advisable to periodically paint this siding however, you need not worry about corrosion beneath the paint.

Maintenance and Cost

In most cases, the Hardie board siding in NJ will outlive the homeowner! This siding is incredibly strong and enduring, but you should try to touch the paint job up every so often if you notice it starting to flake. By doing this you can keep your property looking brand new. A typical price for this siding would be $10 per square foot, but you may be able to negotiate this price if you work with the right business. Be sure to work with a company that specializes in windows and siding.


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