The Types Of Roofing You Can Use

by | May 4, 2012 | Roofing

Many coverings around your home need to be taken care of and repaired when they are broken, and that includes your roof. If you take care of your roof properly you can expect it to last at least a few years after the expectancy. When it is too old to work the right way for you and your family’s home any longer you will want to find a Roofer in Seattle. You may be surprised at all the different options you will have for materials that have never been offered in the past.

You may have shingles on your roof already and they have probably done a very good job at protecting your home from the elements. They are typically made out of fiberglass, then are soaked in asphalt and coated with minerals. The cost effectiveness of this type of roof has many people telling their Roofer in Seattle to install them. Wood shingles used to be an alternative to asphalt, but due to fire regulations they are not allowed in many areas any longer.

Many people have recently started using metal roofing because of the advantages it offers. With metal roofing you can have the waterproofing that you desire along with extreme fire resistance. It also comes in steel, copper, or aluminum and many colors as well. Metal usually has a long life expectancy than some other materials because of its durability.

Another option you may want to discuss with your Roofer in Seattle is clay tiles. You may have seen them on many homes in the Southwest of the United States as they offer a certain style that people desire. They are molded and then fired to keep their shape and usually last as long as the home. Concrete can mimic the look of clay tiles, but are often stronger and other styles are available. You may get them in different colors and textures with treatments that are offered.

Your roofer should discuss all of your options with you and help you decide which the best choice for your home is. They should also help you determine which materials have the longest life and will be the best for your lifestyle and where you live. You should end up with the style and longevity that you have been looking for after they install it for you.

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