The Value And Time Saving Power Of Outsourcing To A Locksmith in Irvine

by | Nov 11, 2013 | Security

Being locked out of your home, vehicle, and especially place of business can be a real hassle. When you lock yourself out it seems surreal as you were “JUST” able to effortlessly walk back into the house, but that surrealism leaves the instant you look throughout all your windows and doors and find NOTHING is unlocked. You prided yourself once on the house being locked up tight, to the point where you feel “safe” but you don’t think about the fact that even you can’t get in if you lock the keys in the house, car, or lose them.

General Purpose Locksmithing Needs

Calling a locksmith is akin to calling the problem solved. They come out with an incredibly dense amount of knowledge and wisdom from training in everything “locks” to advanced studies and skill sets of locksmiths they acquire over years and years of innovation learning to break into hard to break into cars. Luckily, today’s locksmith is a “jack of all trades” within the lock industry. There is rarely a lock they can’t pick, change out, or re-key. What many don’t realize is that you don’t necessarily need to get a new lock when you change out your locks. You can have the tumblers inside retooled for a different key-lock/unlock configuration. This allows you to keep your lock and just change the key. A Locksmith Irvine can switch out those tumblers quickly and have a fresh key made in under an hour.

Locking Yourself Out

If you didn’t lock yourself out, but your home was broken into, they may have broken the lock. A locksmith will come out and get you back up and running in no time, although it’s possible you will also need to call to get a new door installed first.


Locksmiths seem to be a one or two tool kind of business to the layman but then why do we always see the trucks/vans with all those tools you can’t even fathom what they are? If you’ve ever looked into one of their trucks you will see the equivalent of the mother ship of lock picking, fixing, and re-keying tools laid out in a fantastic display so the locksmith can find everything when they need it. They become expert at ALL their tools and take nothing for granted.

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