Three Questions to Ask Before Hiring Roofing Contractors Bellevue

Roof repairs and replacements are costly ventures. A homeowner wants to be sure that the quality of the work will result in a roof that last for many more years. By taking the time to ask local roofing contractors Bellevue three key questions, it will be much easier to narrow the list of candidates and identify the right professional for the job. Visit website domain for more details.

A Permanent Physical Address

Many contractors do use a post office box for correspondence purposes. Reputable contractors also have a permanent physical address that they can provide customers. If a particular contractor is unwilling to provide a physical as well as a mailing address, take that as a sign something is not quite right and move on to the next contractor on the list.

Liability and Bonding Coverage

Another query that the homeowner should as of every contractor has to do with insurance and bonding. Specifically, the owner wants assurance that the contractor carries enough liability insurance to cover any accidents that may occur while the roof is being replaced or repaired. This includes coverage in the case someone is injured due to the negligence of a member of the repair crew.In terms of bonding, this type of protection will mean that if anything goes missing from the premises and it is found that a member of the crew was responsible, the owner will receive some type of compensation.

A Valid License

Homeowners should only deal with roofing contractors Bellevue who are properly licensed and certified. This means their credentials are recognized by the local jurisdiction. This is important for two reasons. A licensed contractor is likely to make sure the work is done in accordance with local safety regulations. In addition, the homeowner’s insurance provider is less likely to limit benefits if all work done on the home is by properly licensed professionals. While most roofing contractors Bellevue will meet these basic requirements, asking these questions will weed out those who would do less than a stellar job.

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