Three Types of Air Conditioning to Cool Your Home

Summer is everyone’s favorite time of the year with long days and warm temperatures allowing lots of fun in the sun. It allows families to take vacations to the beach or spend weekends at the lake. The warm weather provides children a reason to go swimming in the local swimming hole or neighborhood pool or spend the afternoon romping in the water sprinkler. Of course all that heat can be uncomfortable and everyone needs a nice cool place to relax when they aren’t out having fun. This is one reason so many people like to enjoy Air Conditioning in their homes.

Air conditioning covers a variety of types and serves several purposes. The simplest type of air conditioner available is a window unit. These devices range from small models which cool limited areas to large 220 volt systems designed to cool multiple or large rooms. There are both positive sides and negative sides to these systems. For example, they provide nice, cool air for a large area around them, but they tend to leave certain portions of the room unaffected or barely cool. Likewise, these systems have difficulty cooling other rooms without additional aid such as ceiling fans or room fans to draw the air.

The most common type of air conditioning unit is a forced air system, sometimes known as central air. These units are typically part of a heating and air conditioning combination designed to regulate the home’s temperature all year round. For most homeowners, these are the appliance of choice and they serve their function well as long as they are properly maintained and repaired when needed. Their only real drawback is they are forced to heat or cool the whole home at the same time which sometimes results in hot or cold spots in the house.

A newer alternative to these methods is the so called ductless system. In some ways, this is a combination of the window unit and the central air conditioner system. These units have an external condenser which supply individual room cooling units. This gives the homeowner some control over the temperature is specific rooms. This is very convenient for those times of the year when the weather is cooler, but still warm enough to require air conditioning in some areas of the home.

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