Tips for Choosing a Great Duct Cleaning Company

There are many ways to find a duct cleaning in Schenectady, but there are even better ways of finding one who is great at providing excellent service. In today’s economy, it’s important to consider the difference between price and value. And in regards to duct cleaning services in Schenectady, this is one area you don’t want to find the lowest bidder.

Here are a few important tips that every home and business owner should consider when trying to find a great duct cleaning company in Schenectady

Check their References:

One great reference for finding a great duct cleaning company is the National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA). This organization is the primary source of information in regards to finding good companies, whom they recommend to clean your air ducts properly, professionally and affordably. When you look for a duct cleaning company, make sure they are NADCA certified first and foremost.

You should also contact your friends and fellow business owners to find out who they work with and whether they are happy with the service they receive. Personal references can be a great asset when searching for duct cleaning services.

Another great reference is Angie’s List. This great website provides reviews of quality and not-so-great contractors who provide a wide variety of services. If the duct cleaning company is Angie’s List approved, that’s a great start.

Don’t buy the Hype

If an air duct cleaning company spends more time with scare tactics as opposed to facts about air duct cleaning, it’s not a good idea to hire them. Simply put, there are some medical benefits to having clean air to breath in your home, but if a company tries to scare you into doing business with them, it’s a tall tell sign that perhaps they might not be good at what they do. In this case, actions speak louder than words.

Another thing to consider is if the Air Duct cleaning company claims they are certified by the EPA. First, there is no EPA certification, does not employ any standards for air duct cleaning or has anything to do with the industry. So, don’t buy this claim either.

Check their Record with the BBB

A very simple thing people can do to find out about air duct cleaning companies is to check with the Better Business Bureau. If a company is notorious for providing less than honest dealings, it’s very likely they have a record on file with the BBB. You can find out a lot about a company based on this rating.

Another resource is to contact your local, city, county and state business license divisions to ensure they are in good standing with the state. An honest, hardworking company is going to be dedicated to following the law and not trying to get out of paying their taxes.

The main point here is don’t simply just look in the yellow pages or online and pick the first company you see. Find a duct cleaning company in Schenectady who will provide you with a great value and you’ll be happy you did the research.