Tips From A Roofing Contractor In West Des Moines to Preserve Your Iowa Roof’s Lifespan

Iowa is known for its harsh weather; unbearable 100 plus temperatures in the summer and snowy conditions throughout the winter. With such contradictory elements hammering on a roof, the lifespan can be shortened. Many factors go into the lifespan of a roof, in addition to the weather of the region, including the trees or lack of trees surrounding a home. While some trees help protect the roof, shading it in the summer from the harsh West Des Moines sun, trees hanging over the roof can also be a damage when the ferocious thunderstorms and even tornadoes come roaring through the area, damaging roofs and homes all over the area.

While not all roofs will actually last up to 30 years, there are certain factors a homeowner can impact by taking matters into his own hands with do-it-yourself steps. Below are some maintenance tips recommended by a local Roofing Contractor in West Des Moines area.

Ventilate your attic -; In the West Des Moines area, your attic can easily reach upwards of 200 degrees in the summertime if proper airflow is not maintained. What this means to your roof is your shingles can literally fry, causing them to decay more quickly than they normally would. It can also weaken the home’s rafters, causing them to warp and crack.

Proper Insulation in the attic -; When most people think of insulation, they think of saving on their electric bills, however, it can also extend one’s roof’s lifespan, too. By cooling off the roof with insulation by up to 90 degrees, you’re reducing the temperature and increase the lifespan.

Keep gutters cleaned -; By preventing water damage to the home’s lower deckboard aloVentilate your atticng the gutter line, you can keep rotting from occurring.

Remove debris – After the storms roll through the area, be sure to remove all tree limbs, large and small left over from the storm.

Clean your roof -; After cleaning off the debris, at least once a year, homeowners should have their roofs cleaned, especially when their roofs stay in the shade a good portion of the year, attracting algae. This black or dark green staining should be removed by professionals to preserve the longevity of the home’s roof.

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