Tips On Taking Care Of Your Home With A Foundation Company in Tallahassee

It’s not uncommon for a home to begin developing a few problems with the foundation. A home’s foundation was built to be durable, steady, and long lasting, but foundations run into problems from time to time. You can always call a Foundation Company in Tallahassee for assistance, however, let’s take a look at some of the ways foundations can start to develop problems and how homeowners can fix them.

The foundation of your home depends a lot on the soil that surrounds it. In order to protect your foundation you’re going to need to tend to the soil around your home. One of the problems many homeowners run into is dry soil. Depending on the region you’re in the soil around your home might be dry for most of the year. Dry soil tends to shrink because of a lack of water, and this will cause the surrounding soil to pull away from the foundation. Those with dry soil may be able to see several inches that’s developed between the dry soil and the concrete foundation. Without the support of the soil the foundation will begin to shift, and this is what causes cracks to form.

The dry soil problem can be fixed with a soak hose. A soak hose is a long water hose that has several holes around it. This hose should be placed around the foundation of the home. Turn the hose on every couple of days to allow the surrounding soil to stay moist enough. If this doesn’t help, you might need to consult with a Foundation Company in Tallahassee.

Don’t soak the surrounding soil with water too much, because moist soil can be a problem for your foundation as well. Often times heavy rainfall can cause the surrounding soil to become moist and loose. Moist soil doesn’t provide the foundation with the support it needs. In most cases the surrounding soil receives a lot of water because the roof doesn’t have a gutter system. With a gutter system installed along the roof the falling water can be guided away from the foundation.

Use these tips in order to keep your home’s foundation in tact. Remember, you don’t want the soil surrounding your home to be too dry or too wet. Contact Ram Jack Solid Foundations if you run into any problems that are too extensive.