Tips to Recognize Problems with your Commercial Roofing in Decatur, AL

Your roof is the first line of defense for your commercial building. If it has been a long time since it was inspected, your top priority should be to identify and then fix any problems that you see. While there are some problems, such as leaks, which will be visible inside the building, the majority of the problems will require you to get on top of the roof and search for the problems. The following will provide you tips of locating problems for your Commercial Roofing Decatur AL.

Standing Water

If you notice that the roof holds water for prolonged periods of time, it may lead to premature aging as well as a deterioration of the cover, which will create leaks. If the leaks continue undetected it may lead to rust accumulation on the roof decks, the rotting of wood decks and turn gypsum and concrete decks into a substance that is similar to thick paste. Also, if there is standing water that sits for extended periods of time on Commercial Roofing Decatur AL, it may lead to more weight, which will ultimately weaken the entire roof deck.


If you notice bubbles present on your Commercial Roofing Decatur AL, it may indicate that there is moisture trapped inside of the roof cover, which over time may lead to leaks, speed up aging, reduce the effectiveness of resisting uplift and reduce the entire life span of the roof.

Damaged Roof Flashing

The flashing on the roof is the metal material that is installed around the edge of the roof where the wall and roof meet. It is also used around any penetrations of the roof to deflect the water from the joints and seams that are present. If there is a gap in the flashing it can increase the chance of a windstorm damaging the roof significantly, or the development of mold.

With regular maintenance and services from a company that understands the needs of Commercial Roofing Decatur AL, you can prevent small problems from turning into large and expensive issues. Call Budget Roofing for these services and you can ensure the health, protection and longevity of your commercial roof.