Top Reasons To Hire A Professional Service To Disinfect Your Home In Atlanta, GA

No matter how often you clean your home if you are not using professional quality equipment and cleaners then you are not really providing the comprehensive cleaning job that you may believe. This is why it is important to bring in a professional service to clean and disinfect your home in Atlanta, GA if you have any concerns or have noticed signs of possible contamination.

Common Signs of Mold, Mildew and Bacterial Contamination
When molds, mildews, bacteria, viruses and other types of contaminants are present in a home the air quality is poor. The combination of contaminants present the age, health and overall sensitivity of the individuals in the home can lead to a wide range of possible symptoms. With a service in to disinfect your home in Atlanta, GA you will see a marked decrease in symptoms and health issues such as:

• Asthma attacks
• Chronic respiratory health conditions and infections
• Chronic coughs
• Dry and irritated eyes
• Headaches
• Fatigue
• Concentration and memory problems
• Number of colds, flu and sensitivity to seasonal allergies

Thorough Cleaning Down Deep
Over the counter cleaning products are designed for surface cleaning and not true deep cleaning and disinfecting. They will remove the surface level of some of the bacterial and mold colonies but certainly not all. This leaves the potential for regeneration of these problematic areas, often with a few hours to a few days after home cleaning products are used.

On the other hand commercial services that disinfect your home use special products and specially designed equipment that goes beyond surface cleaning. To companies also provide the option of using products that have a residual impact and effect in preventing new growth of bacteria on the surfaces of your home that are most likely to be problematic.

Georgia Specialty Services, a top company in the field of home disinfection and air quality improvement, works with homeowners to not only get rid of existing issues with mold, mildew and bacteria but also to provide services that will prevent future problems from reoccurring. These preventative procedures can include preventing moisture from collecting in areas under the home, improving ventilation and installing systems to help reduce humidity.