Types of Central Air Conditioning in Portland Oregon

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There are many different technologies for cooling systems. The common types of air conditioning in Portland Oregon are the room air conditioning and central air conditioning. There is also a mini-split ductless conditioner that combines the features of the room and central air conditioning. This article provides more details on the types and installation of central air conditioning in Portland Oregon.

Types of Central Air Conditioning in Portland, Oregon

Central air conditioners work by circulating cool air through ducts and return ducts. As the cooled air gets warmer, it returns to the air conditioner through the registers. Air conditioning systems also dehumidify the incoming air if sized properly. The two types of central air conditioning is the packaged unit or the split-system.

The split-system central air conditioning has a metal cabinet which houses the condenser and compressor located outside and an evaporator housed in an indoor cabinet. Many split air conditioning systems also contain a furnace or boiler in the indoor cabinet. These systems are ideal if you already have a furnace and looking for an air conditioner.

Packaged units have the evaporator, compressor and condenser collocated in one cabinet that is installed on a slab next to the foundation or on the roof. Packaged units are also used for commercial buildings and often have electric coils or a natural gas furnace.

How to choose or upgrade your aid conditioning in Portland, Oregon

Central air conditioners are preferred to room air conditioners as they are more efficient quiet to operate, convenient and out of the way. To save on the energy cost and make your home more energy efficient, you need to look for air conditioners with higher efficiency and should be appropriately sized for your usage. If you have an existing ductwork then central air conditioners are an ideal choice.

If you are looking to upgrade an older central air conditioner consult with your heating and cooling contractor about replacing the outdoor unit with one that has higher efficiency and can also match to the indoor unit. Your contractor can advise if you if it is a better option to replace the whole system due to the changes in the refrigerant and system designs.

Look for the air conditioners with high EER and SEER rating. Other useful features are quiet operation, variable speed air-handler, fan-only switch, automatic delay fan switch and filter check light.

Installation And Location Of Air Conditioning In Portland, Oregon

Follow the checklist below for proper installation:

* Allows enough space indoors for installation and maintenance. An access door might be required to clean the evaporator coil.

* Supply registers should be adequate for recycling the warmer air.

* Avoid installation of duct work in the attic, conditioned space is preferable for duct installation

* Make sure that ducts are sealed properly

* Condensing unit should be located such that it doesn’t impact the neighboring areas with the noise and there is no obstruction to the air flow..

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