Using Outdoor Lighting Contractors in Overland Park KS

by | Sep 29, 2018 | Landscaping

When someone wishes to improve the security of their home, looking at possible breaches outdoors is every bit as important as dealing with doors and windows. There are several steps that will help to keep theft from occurring simply by making a few changes to the landscape present. Here are some tips to take into consideration.

Make Sure Lighting Is Ample

If you do not have a lighting source available outdoors, the possibilities for hiding locations for a thief are abundant. It is best to contact one of the Outdoor Lighting Contractors in Overland Park KS to help determine which fixtures would work best at providing plenty of illumination outside of a home. Floodlights, motion detection fixture, and spotlights all work well at keeping outdoor areas well-lit so theft is less likely to occur.

Trim Back Shrubbery Frequently

When shrubs, trees, or bushes become overgrown, a potential thief will have a spot to hide so they are not seen by people in the vicinity. At nighttime, plants become wonderful spots to lurk behind without being noticed. It is best to trim back any plants along the perimeter of the house so hiding spots are less likely to be obtained from their presence.

Consider The Addition Of Barriers

Using fencing around the perimeter of a property can help to keep thieves from utilizing the land to get to the home itself. Tall fences are difficult to scale without being seen. Smaller fences, stones, or plants also work well at keeping perpetrators on the opposite side. Since many thefts occur at night, the presence of a barrier system makes it more difficult for someone to enter the property without becoming injured in the process. If a thief is unsure about their footing, they may cause noise or be noticed upon their ascension of the property.

If there is a desire to add lighting to a yard, calling one of the Outdoor Lighting Contractors in Overland Park KS can help. Contact Artisan Creations LLC today to find out more about the many styles of fixtures available and to discuss pricing and appointment scheduling dates. Like us on Facebook.

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