Using Vent Free Gas Logs to Keep Your House Warm and Cozy This Winter

by | Jan 28, 2020 | Home and Garden

When the winter weather is at its coldest, few things are as comforting as a warm and cozy fireplace. Even so, fireplaces come with certain risks that you would prefer to keep out of your house. They sometimes can be more of a hassle than assets despite the cold weather outside.

When you want to avoid concerns like smoke and gas leaks, you can switch to using vent-free gas logs this winter. These logs can offer you benefits as a homeowner who is intent on keeping your home and family warm during the coldest of temperatures.

No Gas Leaks

One of the main advantages that come from using these logs involves avoiding dangerous gas leaks in your home. Fires in the fireplace can build up toxic amounts of gas if the fireplace is not properly vented. You must ensure that the flue is open and clean and that there are no cracks in the chimney or roof to prevent gas from making its way back inside of your home.

The vent-free logs, however, can be used without having to worry about such dangers. They do not require the ventilation that traditional fires in the fireplace require to prevent gas leaks inside of the house.

The logs also burn cleaner and safer, ensuring that your family can stay warm without worrying about fires breaking out beyond the hearth. You can find out more about using vent-free gas logs online. Contact Emberside today.

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