Walkway Pavers and Pool Pavers in Butler

by | Feb 27, 2013 | Construction and Maintenance

Pavers are used for walkways where there is a track like in a garden area, from a garage area to the entrance. They don’t only increase the value of a property instead they also add beauty. There are excellent materials available for walkway pavers in Butler.

They are available in different designs, colors, and shapes; hence you are flexible to do experiments with them. They are especially designed to provide safety for the users as they are slip resistant, and you can maintain them easily by simply washing or sweeping. They prevent the dust from getting inside the house especially when it’s raining. They are also ideal for public parks where there are both walkways and jogging tracks. Especially in rainy season they become safe for those who visit parks, and are also ideal for children.


You cannot install them by yourself as they are heavy in weight; hence you need some labor to do so. Special companies are there in Butler providing good contractors for pavers, as they are experienced and skilled people.

Pavers for sidewalks

Sidewalks are essential for pedestrians as they provide safety especially near traffic areas along the roads. They vary in size ranging from 4 to 6 feet wide. Sometimes, they are engraved for certain reasons, like those done in university area where students want to give a certain kind of tribute to a group of people. Same you can see in the museums or private institutions.

Materials for walkway pavers

They include stones, concrete, bricks, precast concrete pavers, clay pavers, and they are available in many colors. Whereas natural stone pavers include sandstone, limestone, cobblestone, granite, slate, marble, porphyry, and cantera.

Pool pavers

* They are used for poolside areas and are available in many colors, materials and designs, as aesthetic is very important in such areas. However, certain technical issues are involved in such pavers, and you need to provide a proper sealer so that the mortar or sand doesn’t get into the pool water.

* They should be non-slippery, hence material should be selected carefully. Concrete, bricks and stones are ideal for this purpose. Colors should be selected carefully as dark colors more reflect the light, annoying the eyes. Besides, color can also fade due to water and sun, hence a natural material should be used. However, with colored pavers a sealant is also required when they are used for copings.

* They should be comfortable while touching in sunlight, and should be water and fade resistant, as well as salt resistant. Concrete pavers are good for this reason, as they don’t need a sealer. Besides, concrete pavers have more variety than other materials; hence they are ideal for any kind of layout.

* Bricks are also good as they are slip resistant, smooth and chlorine cannot affect them. But, stone pavers need a sealer so that they become resistant to slips, chlorine and salt. No matter what material you use, the installation need a certain technique, hence the contractor should be experienced. For better results you should keep the pool area maintained on regular basis.

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