Warning Signs You May Need Air Conditioning Repair

by | Nov 8, 2013 | Air Conditioning

Most people pay no attention to their air conditioning system until they begin to experience problems. When problems arise, they can lead to repairs and replacements. It is important homeowners take care of their systems and perform routine maintenance chores. By keeping the filters clean, keeping the outside unit free of debris and having your system looked at regularly, you can help to avoid problems with your system. When issues do arise, it is important for you to recognize the warning signs so you know when to contact a technician for Air conditioning repair services.

Common Symptoms of Failing AC Systems

  • Freezing — When the coils on your unit begin to freeze up, this can signal you are in need of a Freon check. Freezing may be seen on the pipes leading into your home or on inner portion of your unit. If you notice any icing, it is imperative you shut your unit down and contact an Air conditioning repair technician right away. Running the unit while it is frozen can burn the motor out and cause major damages. A technician can check your Freon levels, fill your unit and find if there are any other issues causing the icing.
  • Hot air — If your unit is blowing out hot air, this could be a sign of many things. Typically, units low on Freon will not be able to cool properly. If you turn your unit on and the air never gets cool, it should be turned off and checked before being operated again. An air conditioning technician will have the expertise to find your problem and correct it.
  • Noises — A normal running AC unit should have a certain hum, but never a clanging or banging sound. When a system has loose or failing parts, it will often whine or sound louder upon starting up or shutting down. If you notice any unusual signs, you should seek a repair right away.

These are but a few of the symptoms you may notice when your unit is failing. If you are having AC issues, contact Service 1 Heating & AC today. They can assist you with repair and replacement, so your home can be cool again.

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