What a Difference Metal Recycling in NJ Can Make

by | Sep 16, 2013 | Waste Management

We live in a world of finite resources, so we have to get the very most out of everything we use. That means recycling every chance we get. The latest figures say that we use about 70% of all metal only once, and then we throw it away. If we take that amount of metal and recycle it the way we do the other 30%, the cost of just about everything made of metal will go down and we will be doing our planet a big favor. Metal recycling in NJ is a good place to start.

Steel, aluminum, brass, copper and other metals can be used over and over again and one way to make sure that is happening is to take whatever scrap metal you may have and bring it to a responsible recycling center. There they can sort it, separate it, bale it, and turn it into a form that can easily be reused.

This isn’t just soft drink cans; if you have a building construction or demolition site with scrap metal, it needs to be recycled, and there are highly-trained professionals out there who can work with you to see to it that is just what happens. Contact them and see if you can arrange a pickup of your materials. If your site is large enough, they can even do the sorting there. If your project is long term, you can rent a container up to 40 yards. It will be delivered, you can fill it with scrap and it will then be picked up and taken to be recycled. click for info

If you happen to have an old car or truck that you need to get rid of, they can arrange to tow it in for you and recycle it. Metal recycling is what they do, and they take great pride in the difference they make, whatever form the recycling may take. If all you have is a bag of aluminum cans, they will be just as glad to see you.

Making the most of the resources we have can take a lot of work, but every time energy is saved by reusing a metal container, appliance, or automobile, we all win.



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