What do you do when your air conditioner fails?

by | Apr 5, 2013 | Air Conditioning

Perhaps one of the most annoying and excruciating problems some home owners face is a failure in the home’s central air conditioning system. When the temperatures outside start rising and the air conditioner stop blowing cold air, or simply stops working at all, it can quickly become miserable for everyone involved. There are numerous reasons why an air conditioner may fail, including simple things such as coils becoming clogged with grime and dust or a coolant leak in the system. Compressors can also go out, preventing the air conditioning system from creating the cold air to begin with. When faced with Air Conditioning Repair Daytona Beach FL residents have many choices for qualified repair professionals.

Professional heating and air conditioning repair companies will often offer free estimates, but sometimes a small fee is required to compensate the repair technician for their time in traveling to your home to find the source of your problem. Often when a fee is required, the company may reduce the final bill by that same amount if they are ultimately hired to do the repair job. When the air conditioning repair technician comes to your home to give an estimate it is important to ask a few questions. How much time will be required to complete the estimated repairs? Will parts need to be ordered, or does the company have spare parts in stock? Will the repair technician perform standard maintenance on the air conditioning system while doing the repairs? Often the technician will clean the coils and perform a test on the compressor system to ensure that there are no leaks. After all, as a home owner you would not be happy to have to make a second call to repair something else that could have been taken care of during the initial visit.

With a simple telephone call for Air Conditioning Repair Daytona Beach FL residents can have these, and many other questions, answered before even setting up a service call. During this initial telephone call it is suggested that the home owner discuss home owners insurance with the air conditioning repair company. After all, if you have home owners insurance, there is a very good chance that the repairs will be covered by your policy.

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