What to Consider When Shopping at a Flooring Store in LaGrange, GA

Great flooring can change the entire look of your home, as well as add safety, comfort, and value. Whether you are building a home or remodeling the current one, it is smart to shop at a flooring specialty store. But, before leaving to shop at a flooring store in LaGrange, GA homeowners should think about how they will use their rooms.

Products will generally be divided into two main categories, consisting of flooring and carpeting. Each offers advantages, and enough variety to fit any need. These include:

CARPETING: Customers who need soft flooring, for comfort or safety, often carpet their floors. Carpeting comes in a wide variety of prices, styles, and colors, so it is easy to match to any decor. When customers are browsing carpeting at a Flooring Store LaGrange, GA professionals can help them find patterns that do not show dirt, and are easy to maintain. Two of the most popular types are:

TEXTURED – This rugged material has a two-tone look that is great in casual settings. Textured carpets have a nubby look and tend not to show vacuum marks or footprints.

BERBER – Customers who want comfortable, durable carpeting choose Berber. Its construction makes it especially resistant to stains and dirt.

FLOORING: Wood floors have grown in popularity because of their beauty and warmth. Many are now also easy care and some are eco-friendly. Popular styles include:

SOLID WOOD – These pre-finished woods have been sanded and sealed, which protects them and makes them very hard.

LAMINATES – Products that have the beauty of wood, without the maintenance. Customers shopping a Flooring Store for a sound-absorbing, wood floor that is easy to install often choose laminates.

BAMBOO – Customers who love wood but want an eco-friendly product love bamboo. It comes in a variety of colors, and can be nailed, floated, or glued down. It resists insects, moisture, and fire.

The right flooring can completely change the look of a home. It can also provide safety, comfort, and atmosphere. Because there are so many flooring choices, it is easier to shop if customers decide what their rooms will be used for before they talk to flooring experts. Kemp’s Dalton West Flooring is a hidden treasure you’ll be glad to share with friends.