What to Look For in a Quality Roofer in Decatur AL

by | May 3, 2013 | Roofing

Hiring a Roofer Decatur AL is an important job. You have to make sure that your roofing contractor has the right experience and knowledge, has access to the right tools and resources, and is reliable enough to count on throughout the entire roofing project. After all, this is a big investment whether repairing a small patch or replacing the entire roof. You deserve the highest quality service at a price you can afford. Following are qualities you should look for in a top-notch roofer Decatur AL:

Licensing and Insurance

Your roofing contractor should be fully licensed and have comprehensive insurance coverage in case something were to go wrong during the project. A license ensures that your roofer has the education and experience necessary to complete roofing projects safely and efficiently. Insurance simply ensures that you aren’t stuck with a repair bill due to neglect of anyone on the roofing team.

The Contract

Every roofer Decatur AL has some type of a contract that they will expect you to sign before they start work. Don’t assume that they are all the same or that they don’t contain any worrisome content. You should always have a legal expert look over the contract before you agree to sign. Look for a roofer that doesn’t try to hold you liable in the contract by making you sign your rights away in terms of the ability to sue or pursue the company for damages.

References and Portfolios

There is no reason why you can’t get a handful of references from a potential roofer Decatur AL before you commit to hiring them. These references can be located on the Internet, or can simply come in the form of a phone number. Portfolios offer a great way to see the workmanship that you can expect from any particular roofing company.


The length of time a roofing company has been in business is an important consideration. This lets you know the amount of experience and success any given company has had, which will give you an idea of the kind of work you can expect from them. Look for companies that have been in business for at least five years for the best chances of being satisfied with the service you get from your Roofer Decatur AL.




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