What Type of Kids’ Playground Equipment is Right for You?

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It is extremely common to see kids’ playground equipment featured at schools, outdoor parks, recreation areas, churches and daycares. Before making a purchase, take some time to consider who will be using the playground, how much money is in your budget for equipment and what features you need. A playground equipment specialist can guide you through the entire process.

You don’t have to own a daycare or have any direct affiliation with servicing children to install a playground. A kids’ playground, complete with modern equipment, is a prudent purchase for any area business. All parents want a safe recreational area where their kids can expend physical energy and socialize with their friends, and investing in your community’s youth is always wise. As parents allow their children to play in the beautiful recreational area you have provided, they will be free to see what services and products your business has to offer.

How much money is in your budget for kids’ playground equipment? Simple systems typically cost around $5,000 and go up to as much as $30,000 or more. As you add more features and amenities, the price increases. A specialist will help you make purchasing decisions and stay within your budget.

Kids are concerned with playing, not with the safety features of the playground equipment. Thus, adults must make safety a priority when choosing playground equipment. You can rest easy knowing that all kids’ playground equipment is manufactured with the highest quality of engineering and safety standards. All equipment is manufactured with heavy-duty fabrication, including stainless steel weld joints, heavy gauge steel platforms, and steel posts and railings that are galvanized inside and out.

You have a variety of color schemes and models to choose from when purchasing kids’ playground equipment. The wide range of equipment available includes complete free-standing playsets, swing sets, slides, sun shades and safety surfacing equipment. There are also numerous amenities to choose from that can make your playground appealing to the whole family, including park benches, barbeque pits, park grills, picnic tables and trash receptacles.

Kids’ playground equipment will provide a long useful life. You can feel secure in knowing that your purchase comes with a limited lifetime warranty for all stainless steel hardware, steel posts, and aluminum fittings.

What wait another day to invest in a playground area for your organization? Call a representative today to discuss options for your kids’ playground equipment, including features, prices, and installation procedures.

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