What You Must Know about Vinyl Siding in Torrington, CT

by | Aug 23, 2012 | Home Decorating

Vinyl siding is one of the most trusted and used exterior protection for houses and building in Torrington, CT. This is simply due to the fact that vinyl is pretty cheap despite it being flexible and durable. Vinyl is very flexible to the point that you can do your own siding if you want to and you wouldn’t even have a hard time in doing so. You may apply your own styles and designs without feeling stressed out about it. It is very manageable to the point that installing it yourself is so easy you won’t need someone’s help for it.


Installing vinyl siding in Torrington, CT may be done be yourself but you should be knowledgeable enough on how to do it. Applying new vinyl siding would require you to nail the vinyl in the wood for it to stick. In re-application however of the siding, it is a must to remove the previous one first especially if it is aluminum siding or old vinyl siding. You may also want to consider insulating through the forms of foam or fiberglass. This will enable to protect the house from breaking down by maintaining it to stick together.


Using vinyl for the exterior of your house may be a good decision especially because it is durable, cheap and requires low maintenance. It would however be necessary to know what factors to consider when choosing the vinyl siding in Torrington, CT. The best tip in choosing vinyl is to choose the thickest. Though it may cost more than thin vinyl, you can be sure that thick vinyl sidings will last longer since it is more durable and less likely to be affected by damages. This is a must to remember since when considering environmental factors, vinyl is mediocre.


Vinyl is very much recommended for siding, sheathing and exterior protection. It is however important to remember that there are also disadvantages in using vinyl. There will always be a bad side to everything and vinyl’s bad side is connected to the environment. One of the most common observations about vinyl is that it easily catches fire. This is why it is important to choose thick vinyl since thin ones are flammable. It is also not recyclable which adds to the downside when it comes to the environment. In addition to that, vinyl uses polyvinyl chloride which is a dangerous health wise.


There are always pros and cons in everything and these are vinyl’s both sides of the coin. It is true that it is efficient and at the same time cost-effective to use vinyl however it is also a bit dangerously and bad for the environment to do so. The decision now would be up to you.


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