Who Handles Tennis Court Resurfacing in Rhode Island

by | Jan 13, 2014 | Landscaping Outdoor Decorating

Whether you go to a Rhode Island municipal park, hotel or an apartment complex, you’ll probably find tennis courts. Depending on the importance of the tennis courts, you’ll find these tennis courts are made out of very different materials. Municipal tennis courts or tennis courts at your average apartment complex are often concrete surfaces that have been painted to look like a tennis court. Higher end hotels, specific municipal parks as well as more expensive apartment complexes will use a special coating over concrete for their tennis court surfaces.

With hard court surfaces, while extremely durable, they can be subject to damage because of exposure or time and if you have a higher-end tennis court surface, you’ll need a Rhode Island company to handle any problems you’re having with your tennis court. The question you may have is who handles Tennis Court Resurfacing in Rhode Island. While you may be able to find dedicated companies that handle tennis court surfaces only, your best option is to look for an asphalt company.

The same people that repair roads or lay down new asphalt surfaces are the same people that can help with any problems you’re having with your tennis court surface. Whether the tennis court surface needs a fresh coat of paint or whether the surface has bubbling or cracking that can happen because of its exposure to the outdoor elements, these are the companies that can take care of any problems you’re having with your tennis courts.
In addition, whether you’re putting in a new tennis court or your having to completely resurface an existing tennis court, these companies are perfect for the job. They know the exact materials to use to coat your new tennis court or to resurface an existing one to have it looking beautiful and playable.

With so many different options when it comes to Tennis Court Resurfacing in Rhode Island, there’s no reason why your hard court or concrete surface tennis courts should be in a state of disrepair. By contacting a company that handles the installation of new asphalt as well as Asphalt Seal Coating, you can have experts assess the problems with your tennis court, offer you options for repair and facilitate the repair or the resurfacing of your tennis court in a timely and affordable fashion.


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