You Could Write a Thesis on Faucets

by | Aug 9, 2013 | Home and Garden

I have been working on remodeling the bathrooms in my house. I am a moderately good handyman and really do enjoy doing home improvements myself. For some major jobs, I may need to call in an expert and contract some aspects to him (especially where high cost special equipment and tools may be required). I see myself as a cut above the “enthusiastic amateur” but recognize that I am not the “compleat professional”.

I am a competent plumber so what could be difficult about reworking my bathrooms? True, there are a lot more fixtures and fittings on the market today but I can usually get round that by a bit of research around the specialist design shops, mall hardware superstores and checking out the online stores. After all, that part is basically selection based on my family’s needs, our budget and a judgment call on the physical appearance of a unit. Having made these “hard choices”, the next stage should be easy: i.e.:- make up a list of all the hardware that I will require to install the fixtures of my choice.

Now that kitchen and bathroom fixtures have so many functions, controlling them becomes something more than running in pipes and putting faucets in place. Special faucets are needed for certain functions and the “thing” won’t work if you use the wrong one. This is even before you throw in the design and material factors.

Single source faucets, mixer faucets, ¼ turn ceramic seats, ball or rising stem, lever operated, sensor operated – the list of terms (jargon) goes on (and on). All they do is control the flow of water out of its supply pipe but, the coverage is widespread and, there is even something called “Widespread Bathroom Faucets” whatever that may mean.

After checking all these out, I did feel ready to write, if not a college thesis then, at least “The Dummies Guide to Faucets”! By the way, the term Widespread Bathroom Faucets doesn’t refer to their numbers across the nation; it applies when replacing the old concept of one faucet for cold water and another one for hot water with a single spout which emits water at temperatures varying from very cold to rather hot (a mixer faucet). With Widespread Bathroom Faucets, there is a center spout with 2 faucet handles spaced on either side. The spread of the handle placing is where the width factor comes in. All 3 items in the set need to be aligned with the faucet holes in the basin or bathtub.

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